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Chain of Custody

Introduction In this article, we will learn what the chain of custody entails in digital forensics and how it is maintained. We’ll also look at the chain of custody process and the importance of maintaining it. Due to the nature of digital evidence collection, we will need to discuss a . . . Read more

Free Forensics Tools

Introduction According to Juniper Research, cybercrime losses to businesses will surpass $2 trillion by the year 2019. With data breaches occurring all around the world every day, the demand for experts in computer forensics will also increase. Whether you need to investigate an unauthorized server access, look into an internal . . . Read more

File System Forensics Process

Carrying out a forensic analysis of file systems is a tedious task and requires expertise every step of the way. Following are the steps that can help analyze a file system for data that may provide evidence in a forensic investigation. Acquisition The system should be secured to ensure that . . . Read more

Common File Systems

A file system in a computer is the manner in which files are named and logically placed for storage and retrieval. It can be considered as a database or index that contains the physical location of every single piece of data on the respective storage device, such as hard disk, . . . Read more