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Category: Forensics

LNK Files…

Link files are created by the system when a file is opened, even if that file is opened and edited on removable media and never copied to the system, a link file will be created. Link files contain a whole host of useful information including the original location of a . . . Read more

File Carving or File Recovery

File carving is a process used in computer forensics to extract data from a disk drive or other storage device without the assistance of the file system that originality created the file. It is a method that recovers files at unallocated space without any file information and is used to . . . Read more

Network Forensic Analysis and Examination

Introduction Devices connected to network continue to proliferate; computers, smartphones, tablets etc. As the number of attacks against networked systems grow, the importance of network forensics has increased and become critical. To deploy immediate response in case of an attack, network clerks should be able to discover and understand what . . . Read more

Embedded Device Forensics

Introduction Nowadays, digital devices are everywhere and everything is connected via the Internet. These devices include digital watches, gaming consoles, multimedia appliances, etc. The growing use of such devices brings greater attention to embedded devices forensics. This article is concerned with forensic analysis of embedded devices and shows the examination . . . Read more

Multimedia and Content Forensics

Introduction Probably one of the most exciting and relevant fields in the computing world today is forensics. Much like its criminal namesake, computer forensics is the practice of collecting, analyzing, and reporting on digital data so that is both legal and admissible in court. It is an evidence-based process that . . . Read more

Chain of Custody

Introduction In this article, we will learn what the chain of custody entails in digital forensics and how it is maintained. We’ll also look at the chain of custody process and the importance of maintaining it. Due to the nature of digital evidence collection, we will need to discuss a . . . Read more

File System Forensics Process

Carrying out a forensic analysis of file systems is a tedious task and requires expertise every step of the way. Following are the steps that can help analyze a file system for data that may provide evidence in a forensic investigation. Acquisition The system should be secured to ensure that . . . Read more